The HUB Theatre - A dynamic circle of story, art, and community.

Adapted by Helen Pafumi & Jason Lott
Directed by Gregg Henry
Featuring Jason Lott
Production Design by Brooke Robbins, Kyle Grant, Thomas Sowers, Maria Vetsch
Stage Managed by Sarah Conte

The Hub Theatre has done a formidably difficult thing. But Lott and Helen Pafumi know what they’re doing. The idea that the ultimate story of community could be told by one actor may seem a little challenging, but the production makes an important point: we are all one people

DC Theatre Scene


By Carole Fréchette
Directed by Helen Pafumi
Featuring Jenna Sokolowski and Eric Messner
Production Design by Elizabeth Jenkins McFadden, Jonathan Alexander, Neil McFadden, Maris Vetsch
Stage Managed by Jenn Carlson

John & Beatrice demonstrates again that the Hub is willing to tackle offbeat fare.. Adventurous companies live by a maxim that governs many a fairy tale: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

-The Washington Post

By Charles L. Mee
Directed by Krsten elly
Featuring Sarah Douglas, Jessica Aimone, Kristen Garaffo, David Zimmerman, Michael Kevin Darnall, Josh Sticklin, S. Lewis Feemster, Claire Carroll, David Bryan Jackson, Genna Davidson, Chelsea Townsend, Ocean Bianchi
Production Design by Matt Bassett, Carla Gerdes, Michael Gerdes , Natsu Onoda Power, Joel Moritz, Matthew Nielson, Deborah Sivigny, Susan Shields, Casey Kaleba
Stage Managed by Daniel Mori

This episode is one of many eye-catching moments in the Hub Theatre’s enjoyably energetic staging of Charles L. Mee’s “Big Love.” Inventively directed by Kirsten Kelly, and given a dreamlike incarnation by able designers, the production often deploys its actors in aerobic routines — a push-up circle, a sequence of flouncing tumbles — that emphasize the frustrations generated by desire and social expectation.

– The Washington Post

It’s an incredible ride. Pulling it all together is a dream cast that must be seen to be believed.

– DC Theatre Scene

By Helen Pafumi
Directed by Abigail Isaac
Featuring Victoria Longwell, Kristen Egermeier, and David Zimmerman
Production Design by Jessica Moretti, Jonathan Alexander, and Helen Pafumi

The performers honor Pafumi’s spot-on work with spot-on performances... the room rocks with a blizzard of joy.

- DC Theatre Scene



By Stephen Massicotte
Directed by Kirsten Kelly
Featuring Tom Story*, Matthew Bassett*, Helen Pafumi and Andrés Talero
Production Design by Dan Conway, Joel Moritz, Matthew Nielson, and Maria Vetsch

Stylishly designed production smartly directed by Kirsten Kelly..."The Clockmaker” becomes a piquant parable about memory, guilt, second chances, and the remorselessness of time.

- The Washington Post

By Marc Acito
Directed by Shirley Serotsky
Featuring Dan Crane*, Matt Dewberry, Eric Messner*, and Jjana Valentiner
Production Design by Robbie Hayes, Andy Cissna, Veronika Vorel, and TBA

There’s something satisfyingly poetic about the way the play’s themes reverberate and refract. And it’s refreshing to encounter a dramatist, and a theater, willing to take wing with such an adventurous approach to the culture wars.

- The Washington Post


Directed by Abigail Isaac
July 2010
Featuring Erin Driscoll, Donna Migliaccio, Gia Mora, and Jason Lott
Accompaniment by David Rhodes
Production Design by Robbie Hayes
Stage Managed by Stephanie Junkin

By Katherine Schultz Miller
Directed by Matt Ripa
April 2010
Featuring Kristen Garaffo, Kristen Egermeier and Miles Butler
Production Design by Helen Pafumi
Stage Managed by Emma England



By Victor Lodato
Directed by Jessica Lefkow
February 2010
Featuring Casie Platt
Production Design by Helen Pafumi, Video Editing by Maggie Ulmer
Stage Managed by Amy Kellett

Don't be deceived by that tidy white-on-white living room: the plump pearl-colored sofa, the ivory-toned tables and lamps, the vase of daisies beside the heart-shaped dish of chocolates. The home conjured up in "Dear Sara Jane," the politically charged one-woman play by Victor Lodato, initially seems awash in sweetness and light. But hang out for a spell with the lady of the house -- the artful Casie Platt, in The Hub Theatre's effective production -- and you'll find yourself on a sightseeing trip through the darker reaches of the human soul.

-The Washington Post

By Dario Fo
Directed by Patrick Torres
October 2009
Featuring Brent Biondo, Kristen Egermeier, James Gagne, Michael Kramer, Helen Pafumi, and John Slone
Design by Hannah Crowell, Paola Rodriguez, Chris Baine, Diana Khoury, and Stacey Walter
Dramaturgy by Jacqueline Lawton, Fight Choreography by Casey Kaleba, and Stage Managed by Amy Radebaugh

“Energy abounds in We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! which rips and bounces along in mad-dash silliness. The text hurls zinger references to hunger, alludes to massive unemployment, invasion of privacy, police-state intrusion, all packaged in a 1950’s “Honeymooners” head of household couple’s mentality.”

-DC Theatre Scene

By Craig Wright
Directed by Jeremy Skidmore
May 2009
Featuring Niki Jacobsen, Tim Getman, Jason Lott
Designed by Dan Covey, Robbie Hayes, Matt Nielson, & Erin Nugent
Stage Managed by Amy Kellet

“A play that has piercing silences is a play that's in good hands. So it's happy news that "The Pavilion," the inaugural production by The Hub Theatre, a new NorthernVirginia company, contains wordless moments so trenchant they seemingly could puncture a hardwood stage.”

“Rhapsodically poetic”

-The Washington Post

Directed by Maggie Ulmer
August 2008
Featuring Maro Ibarra, Will Quinn and Melinda Peverall
Costumes by Maria Vetsch