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By Lauren Yee
Directed by Shirley Serotsky

April 5 - 28, 2013

John Swayze Theatre

In A Man, His Wife, and His Hat we meet Hetchman, a retired hatmaker—perhaps the finest hatmaker ever—who loves his hat more than anything. Except maybe his wife. He loves her too. When BOTH go missing, Hetchman vows to find them, and will stop at nothing to do so. But, can he muster the strength and energy to leave the comfort of his armchair? A fantastical series of events threatens to derail his endeavor. In Yee’s time-bending, mind zapping world, people float away and hats serenade their wearers in ethereal clarinet melodies. Lost memories are sealed inside jars. And life is accompanied by a talking wall and a hungry golem. In this world where anything can happen, only the force of love can hold you to the ground. Following a successful staged reading in 2012, The Hub Theatre is thrilled to present this fully staged DC Premiere of this klezmer-inspired love triangle between a man, his wife ... and his hat.

Due to language, A Man, His Wife, and His Hat is suitable for ages
16 and up.


Playwright: Lauren Yee
Director: Shirley Serotsky
Original Music: Eric Shimelonis
Scenic Design: Leigh-Ann Friedel
Lighting Design: Kenneth Wills
Sound Design: Patrick Calhoun
Costume Design: Kelsey Hunt
Props Design: Suzanne Maloney
Stage Manager: Rebecca Griffith

Hetchman: Sasha Olinick
Hetchman's WIfe: Kerri Rambow
Meckel: Maboud Ebrahimzadeh
Voice: Kristen Garaffo
Gabe: Daniel Corey
Golem: Chris Stinson
Wall: Helen Pafumi

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Performances are Friday at 8 PM, Saturday at 2 PM and 8 PM, and Sunday at 2 PM.