The Hub Theatre is an award-winning, professional non-profit theatre making its home in Fairfax County, Virginia. The Hub Theatre is a member Theatre Washington.  The Hub has received grants from Target, the Fink Foundation, ARTSFAIRFAX, The Friends of Lake Anne, Virginia Commission for the Art, Integrity Applications, and Booz Allen Hamilton.

The Hub is in residence at the John Swayze Theatre in The New School of Northern Virginia located in Fairfax, VA for its full-scale productions.


The Hub Theatre endeavors to produce work that highlights our common humanity, providing a theatrical experience that is at once challenging and inclusive. We strive to be the physical center of a dynamic circle of story, art, and community, to create the transcendent exchange unique to live theatre.


The Hub Theatre was founded by Helen R. Murray, Maggie Ulmer and Marey Oakes in March of 2008. We were incorporated in the state of Virginia on Aug 8th 2008, and subsequently filed for our 501c3 non-profit status, which was approved in May of 2009. Our first family show was performed in the open air on Lake Anne Plaza to sold out houses. Soon afterwards The Hub staged its inaugural production at 1st Stage’s space in Tyson’s Corner. We then continued our nomadic existence performing at ArtSpace Falls Church and The Soundry in Vienna. Soon after, The Hub became the resident theatre company at The New School of Northern Virginia’s John Swayze Theatre from 2010 - 2018. Throughout our inception and trekking through Fairfax to find a home, The Hub staff has always stayed committed to the circle of story, art and community.

Secrets of the Universe (Season 10)
Secrets of the Universe (Season 10)

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Failure: A Love Story (Season 6)
Failure: A Love Story (Season 6)

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Peekabo! (Season 10)
Peekabo! (Season 10)

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Matt Bassett

Kelsey Mesa

Tia Shearer Bassett

Chris Stinson 

Artistic Director

Associate Artistic Director

Public Engagement Czar

Casting Associate


Matt Bassett, Denise Perrino, Ralph Perrino,

David Polk, Ed Wilde


Patrick Calhoun, Jenn Carlson, Michael Kevin Darnall, Maggie Wilder, Kristen Garaffo, Kristen LePine, Anne McCaw, Kelsey Mesa, Matthew M. Nielson, Sasha Olinick, Will Pommerening, Tia Shearer, Jenna Sokolowski, Chris Stinson, Carolyn Kashner, Katie Zelonka, Doug Robinson, Rose McConnell