The Burn by Philip Dawkins

American Spies and Other Homegrown Fables by Sam Hamashima

"...a great future for one of the most exciting companies in the area."

- Broadway World


Secrets of the Universe (And Other Songs) by Marc Acito

*Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Lead Actor (Sasha Olinick)

*Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Lead Actress (Lolita Marie) 

The Pavilion by Craig Wright

Peekabo! A Nativity Play by Anne M. McCaw

"It is rare to see a play [Secrets of the Universe] that is so perfect that it becomes divine as it bestows gifts of transcendence upon its lucky audience."

- MD Theatre Guide


The Magi by Helen Murray, Music & Lyrics by Eli Pafumi

The Late Wedding by Christopher Chen

*Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor (Nick DePinto)

*Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress (Gwen Grastorf)

The Happiest Place On Earth by Philip Dawkins


"If you're looking for new, compelling, finely-crafted plays, look no further than the Hub Theatre...they are a company to be reckoned with on the Washington theatre scene. Not only do they have an unerring eye for innovative scripts, they know how to give their playwrights the high-value productions they deserve."  

- Broadway World


Wish List A Hub Company Collaboration

in a word by Lauren Yee

Redder Blood by Helen Murray

**Winner: 2016 Jewish Plays Project Playwriting Contest

*Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Lead Actress (Jenna Sokolowski)

*Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress (Megan Graves)

"The real joy of Redder Blood is its uncanny ability to combine irreverent humor with intelligent and provocative issues of faith.  In our contentious world Redder Blood offers the reassuring thought that it is possible for religion to help us accept change and find our place in the world.  Few plays achieve such a large objective."

- DC Theatre Scene

The Typographer's Dream by Adam Bock
Leto Legend by Kristen LePine

“In this town of powerful out-sized personalities of all persuasions, and the ever-increasing shift to delivery of entertainment through pixels and with headsets on, The Hub Theatre’s satisfying comic-drama production of The Typographer’s Dream is a God-send for those wanting a reminder of the sweet intimacy of thoughtful, small-scale, understated live theater.”

– DC Theatre Scene

carried away on the crest of a wave by David Yee
 *Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Sound Design (Matthew Nielson)
Failure: A Love Story by Philip Dawkins

**Winner: Helen Hayes Award Outstanding Supporting Actress (Maggie WIlder)

*Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Play, Outstanding Ensemble,

Outstanding Direction (Matt Bassett), Outstanding Supporting Actor

 (Michael Kevin Darnall), Outstanding Supporting Actress (Carolyn Kashner)
Abominable by Helen Murray

*Nominated: Steinberg ACTA New Play Award

*Nominated: Helen Hayes Outstanding Sound Design (Matthew Nielson)

“The Hub, an award-winning theater in the Washington, DC suburb of Fairfax, Virginia, has produced at least five world premieres in its six-year history and has become known for its willingness to successfully take risks. 

– HowlRound

How I Paid For College
 by Marc Acito
A Man, His Wife, & His Hat by Lauren Yee
Act A Lady by Jordan Harrison

“there’s zaniness to spare in this bold, funny fable, the latest in a series of new and offbeat works to receive a production from Fairfax’s adventurous Hub Theatre.”

– The Washington Post


Wonderful Life by Helen Murray & Jason Lott
*Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding New Play
John & Beatrice by Carole Frechette
Big Love by Charles Mee

*Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Direction (Kirsten Kelly)

“...assures jolting belly laughs along with piercing reflections.  It’s an incredible ride. 
…That Hub Theatre is able to successfully mount such a challenging production says a lot about its depth and sheer will.  With Helen Hayes nominations and a win for a best new play already in its pocket, and now Big Love, the sky is the limit for this gem of a company.”

– DC Theatre Scene



Merry, Happy… What? By Helen Murray
The Clockmaker by Stephen Massicotte
Birds of A Feather by Marc Acito

** Winner: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding New Play
*Nominated: Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Ensemble

“There’s something satisfyingly poetic about the way the play’s themes reverberate and refract. And it’s refreshing to encounter a dramatist, and a theater, willing to take wing with such an adventurous approach to the culture wars.”

– The Washington Post




A Thousand Cranes by Katherine Schultz Miller
Dear Sarah Jane by Victor Lodato
We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! By Dario Fo

“hang out for a spell with the lady of the house -- the artful Casie Platt, in the Hub Theatre's effective production -- and you'll find yourself on a sightseeing trip through the darker reaches of the human soul…winning and propulsive.”

– The Washington Post



The Pavilion by Craig Wright
Trunks devised by Helen Murray & Maggie Ulmer

“A play that has piercing silences is a play that's in good hands. So it's happy news that "The Pavilion," the inaugural production by the Hub Theatre, a new Northern Virginia company, contains wordless moments so trenchant they seemingly could puncture a hardwood stage.”

– The Washington Post

The Happiest Place On Earth

Redder Blood

The Typographer's Dream


Failure: A Love Story

A Man, His Wife, & His Hat

Big Love

Birds of a Feather

Dear Sarah Jane

The Pavilion

Secrets of the Universe
American Spies and Other Homegrown Fables