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4 beautiful new scripts
4 different kinds of venue
4 chances to CONNECT with The Hub.


JOIN US for any or all of our FREE new play readings, taking place in nontraditional venues throughout Northern Virginia!

Seating is limited - please RSVP!

Jan. 20 - HEARTLAND, by Gabriel Jason Dean.

4pm at Reston's Used Book Shop

"Dr. Harold Banks is a renowned professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Nebraska. When an Afghan refugee named Nazrullah suddenly arrives at his doorstep claiming to know his adopted daughter, Getee– a foreign aid worker who was killed in a Taliban attack–the two men spend the next few months as unlikely roommates. Heartland unfolds as an emotional journey through love and loss, an examination of culpability and, ultimately, a meditation on the power of forgiveness."


Jan. 21 - THE DIRT COLLECTORS, by Helen R. Murray.

7pm at Evening Star Cafe', Alexandria.

"Jett is collecting geological samples from all over the world trying to recreate the exact makeup of the sinkhole that took her family.  Hoping that somehow her discovery will put to rest her loved ones, she drives her research partner Gray to the breaking point.  They are aided by the ever present Intern as they they uncover this mystery.  A dirty play that questions the how the ones you love can shake the ground beneath your feet."


Jan. 28 - PRIMARY USER, by Nate Eppler.

7pm at Clare & Don's Beach Shack, Falls Church.

"Where do your posts go when you die? A cutting-edge chatbot unintentionally becomes a digital monument when one of its creators dies unexpectedly, leaving his loved ones to argue over ownership of the digital remains – and their own grief. A millennial ghost story and an examination of disconnection and grief in the age of loneliness."


Feb. 4 - YOU MUST WEAR A HAT, by Courtney Meaker.

7pm at Lake Anne Coffee House & Wine Bar.

"Tuesday and Weeks make hats on the Great Barrier Reef waiting for the world to end."

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